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Reem Hassan
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Reem Hassan – Egypt

Visual Artist

Hello, I am Reem Hassan. I’m from Egypt. I’m working as an artist.

I do painting most of the time. Actually, I like music very much, too. I do painting all the time and I love my life in art, but, when Patricia (Goodrich) told me about this project, I felt I couldn’t speak anything related to art. Actually, I want to speak about my mother, because she passed away one year ago. It was very, very important to me and; forgive me, I am a little bit sad about her, because I miss her.

She was always with me everywhere; she always encouraged me to do everything, and now she is not here, so I found this a very good time to express my feeling about this subject. I don’t know, when she passed away, I couldn’t speak about her anymore. So, forgive me; and forgive me, Patricia, because this is my feeling and I find this a very good opportunity to speak about her.

I miss her so much. We spent many times together. Even when she was tired or ill, I spent four years together in the same room with her, and she was very, very sick, and now I miss her for this one month (art symposium in Romania) any time I remember her because this is the first time for me to be outside my country since she died. So, forgive me about this feeling. I think it Arabic I was very specific in my words, but in English. forgive me to mention these feelings, but this is the only person I want to speak about My mother. So can I dedicate this project to her? Thank you.




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