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Khadija Mssyeh
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Khadija Mssyeh – Morocco


I am Khadija Mssyeh, a poet from Morocco. I was born in Fez.

I have always noticed injustice and suffering. I tried to understand why mankind is sad in this world. During my studies when I was young, I always thought about the destiny of humankind, above all the women who are suffering injustice, and I began to write poems.

I used to give them to my professors, who trice to help me express myself better. They used to encourage me to write short stories from reality. I began to do some work in theatre, and also they encouraged me.

My dream is to grow, to write and write. I have written a book of poems, When the Leaves Go Down, about the suffering of the women. I have offered it the King, and I was very surprised to receive a letter of congratulations from him.

Now, I have noticed there is much progress for women. They can embrace all the fields, not only in cities, but also in the rural areas of the country. (Listen to full audio for poem.)

Translated by Noufissa BenJelloun





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