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Open Curtain rises with thirty-nine artists from twenty-one countries giving voice to their works and lives. A multitude of languages reaches out beyond borders or boundaries. The actual large-scale photomontage curtain is created from fire-resistant flag fabric; its four panels symbolize the free movement between north, south, east, and west. Blowing through this curtain are artists voices, overlapping languages. To paraphrase one of the artists, Art is its own language; it is universal.

The photography and recording took place during the 2007 International Art Camp of the Inter-Art Foundation of Aiud, Romania ( ). What a gathering it was!-- Emerging artists and those with notable reputations, young and old, painters/sculptors/photographers/graphic artists, from the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Germany, Morocco, Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia, Montenegro, Haiti, Japan, USA, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Syria, Poland, Hungary, and, naturally, Romania--a mix of cultures and nations.

Appreciation is due to the Inter-Art Foundation founders and staff for their support of the project and of my residency. I am grateful also to the artists who so generously shared their time and thoughts: Tomasz Awdziejczyk, Artan Balaj, Stefan Balog, Zoltan Balog, Ioana Campean, Patrick Cauvin, Lejla Cehajic, Mountassir Chemao el Fihri, Istvan Damo, Mesut Dikel, Hakim Ghazali, Patricia Goodrich, Ioana Gruita-Savu, Ioan Hadarig, Thaier Helal, Temenuga Hristova, Horvath Gyongyver, Iulio Horvath, Iorgos Iliopolos, Christiana Iliopoulou, Lojze Kalinsek, Marianne Knipe, Robert Lixandru, Eva Mazzucco, Gerd Messmann, Talal Moualla, Mia Nikolic, Ana Zoe Pop, Ivana Radulovic, Vasile Rata, Senol Sak, Adelina Paula Sasu, Cristina Senesan, Eva Andrea Szocs, Atsuko Tajima, Bogdan Tzigan, Carmen Vasile, Yasemin Yilmaz, Dragona Zarevska. They are both the curtain and the wor(l)d behind it.

Feel free to Open the Curtain, meet these artists, listen to them in both their native languages and English, connect with us....

Patricia Goodrich

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Accompanying music: Kalevala Monoopera by Ede Terényi , performed by Carmen Vasile.


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