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Dragana Grujicic
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Dragana Grujicic – Serbia

Visual Artist

My name is Dragana Grujicic. I am an artist from Serbia. Currently I live in Belgrade, and I was born in a village near Belgrade.

I am the only artist in my family, and as a child, my life was very connected to the life in the village. I participated in all the village activities. For some reason part of that stays in me. Maybe I can call it a pure, naïve look to life.

My discipline is painting, visual arts. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Since then I have been working on the arch theme, usually connected with perception of the body. I am thinking a lot about the connection between the spirit and physical sides of our presence. I see them often in conflict, and I want to resolve how I can make them in balance. I see it as a source of conflict we have in general, and also in specific part of our lives.

In my work I usually use authentic elements from life. For example, I use my body as model or some documents or medical records or CAT scans. I am somehow trying to make equal life and death.

I believe that through art we can make life better. That we can help ourselves, and through ourselves, we can also help others and issues more generally. This is what is behind my work, the main idea, and what is keeping me working.




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