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Voices Underground

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Created at Europos Parkas, Lithuania, in July 2003, Voices Underground is an earthwork inspired by the site itself – an open-air, contemporary museum displaying the works of artists from twenty-seven countries and spanning an area of 55 hectares at the geographic center of Europe – and the desire to embody art’s and artists’ power to communicate and to connect.

Voices Underground plants the voices of forty-four artists from fifteen countries by sowing the seed of perennial wildflowers and burying bulbs over a four hundred seventy foot site of stretched and spliced audiotapes. The recorded tapes include artists speaking about their artistic journeys in English and in their native languages.  Thus the recording itself is a rich tonal palette.

The words of these artists confirm that art connects—art connects us to nature, to society, to ourselves-- and that the creation of art produces an energy that extends beyond the particular work itself.  However, the commentaries are more than mere confirmation.  The unique vision of each artist provides the stimuli of new possibilities, new questions and quests. 

Whether one is following the path of flowers, hearing the voices rise from the ground, or reading the text quietly in another part of the earth, viewers are invited to consider how artists – and all people – creating without boundaries enrich our lives and how we are all connected.

Accompanying music composed & performed by Steve Tobin.

2003 Patricia Goodrich
All rights reserved.
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©2004 Voices Underground
an Earthwork by Patricia Goodrich