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He Lihong
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He Lihong – China

Printmaker, Woodcut Artist

Hello. I am from China. I’m a woodcut printmaking artist . My name is He Li hong. I’m a member (President) of the Yinchuan Art and Literature Association, and I’m a professional woodcut printmaker. I have working as an artist for thirty years.

I began studying all painting, but I was very interested in traditional woodcarving printmaking. I was passionate about it. That was why I changed direction to wood-carve printmaking.

Woodcut printmaking has a history, and it also was a tradition in China. I think this is an international language. I have been to many different countries. I have been talking with a lot of different artists from all around the world. We believe we have a common recognition and understanding of woodcut printmaking. Because I take pleasure in it and in being involved with this profession, that is why I continue doing it.

My woodcarving is about the landscape and this area (Yinchuan). Some of them are about features. I’ve been living in the northern part of China, because here we have very old land, blue sky. That is why I try to bring all this beautiful landscape into my wood-carved printmaking.

Translated by Chen Shu

Lihong Lihong Lihong


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